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Midair: CTF-Minora

Another Midair map I worked on and art directed. Concept art for this was a mixture of work by Justin O'brien, Paul Jouard and Airborn Studios. Original level layout design by David Rispoli, modified and adapted by me.

I worked on the buildings, lighting, terrain, set dressing, etc.
The sky, some effects and decals made by Rodrigo Mizuno, the pink Mana tower effect was by Brian Chen.

As always, our environment art options are severely restricted and heavily guided by gameplay. The terrain is the main aspect of a map to guide player movement and enable routes in the unique (ish) way Midairs mechanics work. When designing or directing design I focus on making sure we concentrate our art efforts on the areas most in play (flagstands and around them, middle areas) while also ensuring the art remains unobtrusive for gameplay.

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